About Us

USA Cycling is the national governing body for the sport of cycling in the United States. It oversees various disciplines of competitive cycling, including road, track, mountain biking, cyclocross, and BMX. Here are some key points about USA Cycling:

  1. Organization: USA Cycling is a non-profit organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was founded in 1920 and is responsible for promoting and developing cycling in the United States.
  2. Membership: The organization has a membership structure that includes both individual and club memberships. Members gain access to various benefits, including racing opportunities, insurance coverage, and discounts on cycling products and services.
  3. Competitive Cycling: USA Cycling sanctions and regulates competitive cycling events across the country. This includes road races, criteriums, time trials, mountain bike races, cyclocross races, and BMX events. It also oversees national championships in these disciplines.
  4. Olympic Representation: USA Cycling is responsible for selecting and supporting American cyclists who compete in international events, including the Olympic Games and World Championships.
  5. Development Programs: The organization has various development programs aimed at nurturing young talent and helping riders progress in their cycling careers. This includes programs for juniors, under-23 riders, and elite athletes.
  6. Advocacy and Safety: USA Cycling also works to advocate for the rights and safety of cyclists on the road. They promote safe cycling practices and collaborate with other organizations to improve cycling infrastructure and legislation.
  7. Grassroots Initiatives: In addition to elite-level racing, USA Cycling promotes grassroots cycling through local clubs and events. These initiatives aim to encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the sport of cycling.
  8. Website and Resources: For more detailed information, you can visit the official USA Cycling website (https://www.usacycling.org), which provides news, event listings, membership details, and resources for cyclists of all levels.

Whether you're a competitive cyclist looking for race opportunities or someone interested in getting into cycling as a recreational activity, USA Cycling plays a central role in the cycling community in the United States.